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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  April 21, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> at dozens of men, women and children are reported to have been massacred in syria. opposition activists blamed the government. it comes as a head the syrian national coalition resigned again. you're watching al jazeera live from london. coming up on the program, marching. rescue workers in china take aid to the worst of areas. india continues to reel after a shocking child
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attack. a moment of reflection, london's marathon runners remember boston. thank you for joining us trade the syrian government stands accused of executing more than 80 people -- us. the syrian government stands accused of executing more than 80 people. it comes as a leader of the opposition resigns from his post yet again. activists are calling it a massacre. they accuse government troops of killing dozens of people in jdeydet al-fadel grade reports are that government soldiers took control of the town -- jdeydet al-fadel. reports are that government soldiers took control of the
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town. one group says 80 people were killed. others suggest that number could be much higher. theyamascus rebels say have hit military buildings with mortars. -- to medically, -- diplomatically, the friends of syria meeting is over. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has pledged more nonlethal aid. >> the united states, in fulfillment of our obligations with respect to supporting the opposition, committed to andling our nonlethal aid to giving much of that two local leaders who are trying to lay the groundwork for a stable and democratic future. >> that promise is not enough. >> people are frustrated. when somebody sees children it is difficult
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for me to tell people, you're going to be receiving body armor is. >> now the opposition has other problems to worry about. the leader of the syrian national coalition has confirmed his resignation. he says he no longer wants to post, but wishes to remain a member of the opposition. the general assembly needs to approve his resignation. arerotesters in india calling for new delhi's police chief to be sacked after a five- year old girl was raped. police are accused of ignoring her parents when they reported her missing. so help roman has the story -- we have the story. another hoary store in delhi
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-- horror story in delhi. >> indians are becoming accustomed to learning about gruesome assaults on women. the latest involving kidnap, torture and rape of a five-year- old girl is particularly vicious. a man in his 20's has been arrested. >> there have been 157 cases of gang rape and more than 100 cases of rape in delhi. what is the commissioner of delhi doing ech? the accused should be hanged to death. there is no other punishment for him. >> there is growing public anger over the perceived indifference of police and slow pace of justice for victims. politicians say the right things, but action, not words, .s what people want >> they have a responsibility to
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the social empowerment of women. >> the death of a young woman after she was gang raped on a bus led to national protests. indian law has since been amended to include the death penalty in case of rape. that may mean very little to the five-year-old girl who is still recovering in hospital after her two-day ordeal. doctors say her life is no longer in danger. al jazeera. 208 people are now known to have died in the earthquake that struck sichuan province in china. the premier visited some of the injured. li keqiang praised the work of medical staff and called for all-out efforts to rescue people
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still trapped in the rubble. >> the frantic search for signs of life in the rubble of sichuan province. one day after the quake struck, and in some places, people are still being pulled out alive from the wreckage. many villages across the area have been severely damaged. like here. when the earthquake struck, he broke his arm. but his father, brother, and nephew were all killed. >> i tried to call my brother, but could not get through. i rushed her only to see a crowd of people tend to grab their family out of the ruins. but they failed -- trying to grab their family out of the ruins. but they failed. >> getting aid to the survivors is difficult.
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hundreds of people have been left with nothing. although aid agencies are on the scene, they say they need many more supplies. >> water and food are what we need most here. there is no supply of water or power. villages are begging for water from soldiers. each person only gets three bottles of water each day, which is nowhere near enough. search for survivors continues. but soon attention will turn to shattered sichuan's infrastructure. power is being restored to the area, but that is little consolation to the bereaved families, each of whose tragedy is but one among hundreds. interrogators are on standby to question dzhokhar tsarnaev, the surviving suspect tied to
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the boston marathon bombings. the boston hospital where he is recovering, dzhokhar tsarnaev is under heavy guard. his medical condition is stable but serious. that is delaying police efforts to question their suspect. police arrested dzhokhar tsarnaev on friday. he was found bleeding heavily in a boat after an intense manhunt. police believe there was an intent to carry out other attacks. >> based on the evidence found at that scene, the explosive ordinance that was unexploded and the firepower that they had that they were going to attack other individuals. >> his older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, was killed on friday in a gun battle with police. two years ago he was questioned by the fbi over concerns he may have had ties to armed groups. >> they had information from a
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foreign intelligence service that they were concerned about his possible radicalization. >> it's not clear when dzhokhar tsarnaev might be charged. the boston marathon bombings killed three people and wounded 180. he is also suspected of killing a police officer and injuring another. among the federal charges he could face is use of a weapon of mass destruction. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. the crimes were committed in the state of massachusetts, where capital punishment has been abolished. yet another competition in this case. some republican lawmakers also say that he should be declared an enemy combatant, and the case moved to a military tribunal at guantanamo bay, cuba. >> he is an american citizen. he's responsible for a crime here in america.
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but i trust the attorney general to make that call and make it wisely. be madedecision cannot until a team of special investigators speak with tsarnaev. there has been a show of solidarity for those who were killed and injured in the boston marathon bombings at the london marathon. , this was000 people the culmination of months of hard work. despite increased security, they were determined to run. money forraising charity, but also thinking of boston. >> we've all been asked to wear a black ribbon and hold our hand we cross thets as finish line, as americans do when they pledge the -- recite the pledge of allegiance. the marathon got underway
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with a silent tribute to the boston victims. london's metropolitan police put hundreds of extra officers on the street to reassure the public. marathon runners will tell you that the crowds here are among the best in the world. it's no different this time. of course they are aware of the security that is used, but they're not going to let that spoil their day out. dropped offfavorite after colliding with a wheelchair contestant. many spectators reserved their biggest cheers for friends and .amily >> because of boston, i'm still glad everyone is here.
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[inaudible]>> one of briton's olympic heroes stopped after 21 kilometers, getting a feel for an event he hopes to win next year. but for thousands of others, crossing the line was a personal victory in a way to honor the memory of boston -- and a way to honor the memory of boston. >> still more to come, including looking towards the future. a vicious plan to eradicate extreme property by 2030. the >> hello there. you're watching al jazeera. the syrian national coalition says its leader has resigned again. it comes as during human rights there hassay that
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been a massacre near damascus. overdia, protests continue the rape of a five-year-old girl in new delhi. she is now in stable condition. the chinese premier has visited a hospital, tweeting those injured in an earthquake -- greeting those injured in an earthquake. thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes because of fighting between rival tribes in sudan's darfur region. the refugees, mostly women and children, are now seeking safety in neighboring chad. >> i new wave of displaced refugees from darfur arrived in the region of eastern chad. fierce tribal fighting in the troubled darfur region. thousands of women and children
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are left in the open with no help, vulnerable to the elements. >> are soldiered art -- our children are sick. , not even ashelter plastic cover over our heads. >> the un says it is trying to cope. the flow of refugees is not stopping. >> the first way the refugees 16,000tween fighting -- chadians fled the area as fighting renewed. refugees has not stopped till now. >> the fighting is causing refugees in sudan box on the run. -- back on the run. now they're back here. >> request the government to
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provide more aid if the assistance given is not enough. they are weak and suffering. it has killed tens of thousands of people and millions have been displaced within darfur and in chad. ,ribal fighting is also common leaving an entire population living in misery. >> this will be hard work.
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the target is closer than you think. >> the 48 of least developed countries in the world. the democratic republic of congo, sudan, and somalia. ase countries are classified such and include cambodia, myanmar, and nepal. samoa, solomon islands, and haiti are all classed as obese he's. -- lcd's.
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think you very much for joining us. what do you make of this world bank plan to eradicate extreme ?roperty -- poverty .> i think you are right it causes a lot of damage. i do not have much faith in the world bank being able to achieve, because the goal is very ambitious. number two is that the world bank and its sister institution, the imf, i do not think their strategy for poverty eradication will work. .hey are not new installations
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, their strategy is deeply flawed. >> let's look at what their strategy is. investments are key in creating towth, from gender equality equality among all social classes. what is it that you think doesn't work in their policy? >> to put my finger on it, it is what they don't talk about. they have had a comfortable relationship. how does a country guarantee equality in my view, it is through democracy. carefully crafted to make sure that the politicians listen to their own people. they like dictators who will run through their policies.
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>> many of the countries that are classified as ldc's are in africa. is insecurity, wars, displacement, hardly any infrastructure. what could the world bank and imf do? >> i think the question is brilliant. not have good governors, does not have democracy. there is insecurity and even war. you had by some estimates about 6 million congolese killed. the war has not ended.
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>> there's a lot of other countries that the world bank is focusing on. it's easy to say but would not work. the crc is next ring case -- an extreme case. how would it work? >> my strong view is that if you put democracy on the back burner, the best you can do is short-term, quick growth. growth is very different from development. if you don't have democracy, you're likely to have conflict. i think the good strategy we need his democratic, where the
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government listen to their own people. admittedly, economic growth under democracy will be a little bit slower. it is most sustainable. my view of the world bank and other institutions, forget democracy or put it on the back burner, they're not going to be able to have sustainable economic growth, sustainable eradication of poverty. >> independent africa policy .nalyst joining us trad thank you very much. away from the circuit, there has been more unrest. the shia continue to campaign for more rights. .et's get an update due to security reasons, we're not naming our correspondent. >> i just left the f1 race
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circuit. i watched the race get underway without any disruption. there was no smoke visible. we have come to one of the shia villages, where most of the protests have been contained within. these are quite a ways away from the f1 circuit. these clashes are now on almost a daily occurrence. i saw 20 police enter on foot into one of these villages in full riot gear. .e are expecting teargas it is a way for the people of bahrain to really focus the attention on their demands, for social reform, social justice,
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and democracy. >> students across the united states are preparing for prom season. that is an event that marks the end of high school in the beginning of adulthood. in the state of georgia, it's a reminder that years of racial segregation are not yet over. group of teenagers planning a cuause.ith a different >> these five high school students are lifelong friends. they've always been together. now they're about to change history. they've organized and integrated high school dance, the first time that has ever happened .ere patron god of the same water bottle, fill in the same locker room, what is going to kill them about -- they drink out of the
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same water bottle, change in the same locker room, what is going to kill them about going to a dance together? >> a seemingly divided community. >> it's like two different worlds. we have our world, they have their world. local city councilman says the prejudice runs deep. >> when our children graduate and we tell them, go off to college, get an education, but do not come back here -- when you come back here, you come back here to visit, not to live. >> this feels like the kind of place that the civil rights movement passed by. there are still plenty of people here who think think it is perfectly acceptable for high school students to throw segregated celebrations. through the actions of a new generation utilizing social media, all that might be about to change. , the apathytudents
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they the countered along the way -- they encountered along the way is not an excuse. >> you can't make things better without that fuss. >> judging by ticket sales, they may just make a difference. rochelle, georgia. >> serbs from northern kosovo have rejected an agreement signed between serbia and kosovo intended to normalize relations. some described the agreement as an act of treason. the serbian prime minister, opening of the belgrade marathon, he was confronted by angry serbians not happy with the recent agreements. this man is asking the prime minister whether he sleeps calmly after signing that agreement. across the street, a banner says, you sold kosovo.
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these people are trying to pressure the government and parliament into not accepting the deal reached in brussels. they feel that serbian interests in kosovo have been di trade by their own leadership and regard the signing as an act of treason. >> the number of people gathered in belgrade center was not huge. but their voices are loud. >> our government does not respect our constitution. it is very simple. >> is illegal. it's not democratic. it's a treason. >> the feeling of being betrayed is much stronger among serbs from northern kosovo. they will decide on monday whether to accept the brussels deal and what their next steps will be. but their leaders are hinting that they won't accept it.
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kosovo prime minister is having to deal with similar opposition. he called an emergency parliament meeting to decide about the acceptance of russell's deal. the opposition is already causing -- russell's -- brussel's deal. the opposition is already calling.
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